• Daniel Edmiston


Thanks very much for visiting this site. My name is Daniel Edmiston and I’ve set up this blog to accompany my book Welfare, Inequality and Social Citizenship published in early March 2018.

In this book I try to do three things. First, I consider the relational nature of (dis-) advantage through a ‘social citizenship lens’ to demonstrate how unequal citizens are implicated in the reproduction of welfare politics, inequality and social difference. Second, I try to give a voice to those who are regularly ignored or overlooked to challenge dominant assumptions about the functions and limits of welfare. Finally, I explore how we might move beyond the current ideological stalemate that afflicts so many welfare debates and galvanise popular support for inclusive social policies. I remain ambivalent as to whether social citizenship - at least in its current form - offers the necessary framework or resources through which to do this but hope to explore this much more here and in the future.

If all goes to plan, I would like to use this blog to post additional material that did not make it into the final edit of the book. This includes personal reflections on fieldwork and research methods, material from qualitative interviews, distributional analysis of changes to welfare entitlements and anything that strikes me as relevant or interesting to current debates and developments.

These are, of course, all high hopes and I’ll do my best to keep posts as regular as possible! It would be great to hear your thoughts and feedback on what I post here so please do leave comments or get in touch!